As your President-elect, my vision for a secure Haiti is to use technology that will enable my government to protect all human rights. I will also call on Haitians from all walks of life to play a key role in our national security.

My Security plan will have and provide for:

  • Developing Our National Security
  • Defense will be a top priority
  • Every Haitian is encouraged to embrace their responsibility to communicate with all law enforcement by reporting any suspicious activity.
  • A Designated Hotline will be provided to keep this information flowing.
  • Special training will be offered to our security force to assist in keeping neighborhoods safe.
  • We will find funding for all special training given to our security force to save our taxpayers.
  • There will be Briefing Room meetings to discuss any new developments detrimental to our rural communities.
  • We will also provide support to our Security Trainers by making sure they have the resources needed to operate successfully.

Security Personnel Engagement Committee

Under my presidency, we will recruit trainees to our new security program from age 15 and up. We will build a strong training program, starting with self-defense. We will use the baton and other defensive techniques to fully equip our trainees. This will be a national program offered throughout Haiti including every province and major city.

We will reassess the entire Haiti Defense System by restoring the Army, National Guard, Marines, and Navy. My goal is for each region to have a post in the 9 (nine) departments in Haiti that can provide security assistance when needed without brutality.

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Re-Assign Community Leaders to each Province

My presidency will focus on better training of our armed forces to reduce the use of excessive force when assisting our citizens. 

We will also be offering a buy-back program in an effort to remove all illegal weapons from our streets. During my term, everyone will have a voice and the right to be heard.

Investments in Our Security System – As your president, my Security Team will reach out to various benefactors to raise funding to improve and secure our streets. These funds will help make our vision of a safer Haiti a reality for everyone.


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