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Ayisyen Konsene is very concerned about our healthcare system in Haiti. In a country where healthcare is not accessible to everyone, our children and elderly are at risk. As your next president, I will make sure that hospitals are not just for the wealthy. Hospitals should have open doors for all Haitians. We will also be remodeling as well as building new clinics throughout Haiti so healthcare is more readily available to everyone.

My healthcare plan will provide:

  • Affordable Healthcare
  • First Aid Posts will be free for all Haitians
  • Low cost medical examinations
  • Reduced prescription program
  • Provide reliable Ambulatory Services in each region/major city
  • No Emergency Services will be denied to anyone due to lack of funding
  • We will also provide support to our healthcare professionals with continued education and counseling when needed.

Healthcare Professional Engagement Committee

In addition to more clinic sites, my goal is to have a hospital in all 9 departments of Haiti. These Hospitals will contain the latest in medical facilities enabling the treatment of greater illnesses right here in our own country. We believe this will help to save lives by getting the people the medical attention they need more readily available.

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Investments in Our Healthcare System – As your president, my healthcare team would allocate funding to improve educational quality for medical students from low-income families. We will also encourage our healthcare employers to provide healthcare benefits to their employees.

Pregnant Women/New Borns – As your president-elect, my Healthcare Team will ensure that all pregnant women seeking health assistance will be accepted at all First Aid Posts for a regular checkup. Our goal is to encourage healthier pregnancies for healthier babies.

We will involve employers who can afford it to provide healthcare benefits to their employees to also help promote incentives to better health.

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