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Ayisyen Konsene will bring a national program to make education safer and easier for everyone. Through our new security efforts, Teachers and students will be made to feel safe in the classroom. This will aid in the development of healthy social skills for our students and enable our teachers to concentrate on the lessons at hand without distraction.

We will start by providing:

  • Free Public schools
  • Free School lunches
  • Free school transportation
  • Through our School Consolidation Program, we will ensure secure, established buildings for all of our students and teachers.
  • We will provide support for our Teachers through counseling and continued education
  • We will upgrade learning technologies with the use of tablets and computers.

School Consolidation Program

Our School Consolidation Program is a must under my presidency. We aim to nationalize our educational system to guarantee that the curriculum and quality of education be consistent for all students. Instead of having a school on every corner, each of the 9 departments will have a public school under the jurisdiction of our enhanced Department of Education. This will help to regulate our school system so each student receives the best learning experience.

No student will be left behind based on their family income. Our new public schools will be available to all students.

Investments in Public Schools – Through our fundraising efforts, we will provide an advanced curriculum for qualified students to better prepare them for college. We will also offer Vocational Education for those interested in the trade professions.

Pre-K – As your president, I will implement a Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program so our children can get a head start at an earlier age.

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